This year is going to be gorgeous. Our designers are seeing trends that are bold, beautiful and unique. Use just one to inspire your design, or incorporate them all; these design themes are adaptable and versatile.

Our designers have seen three unique stone shapes becoming more and more popular lately: Marquise, Pear and Oval. These oblong shapes tend to elongate hands and be flattering on almost all hand shapes. They can just as easily stand alone as solitaires as they can be incorporated into more elaborate designs as the centerpiece.

Even traditional designs are getting an update by combining different stone shapes together into one design. Especially now that Meghan Markle’s famous Cushion-and-Round-cut three stone ring is almost universally loved, we expect to see new three stone designs with modern silhouettes. Marquise and Baguette cut stones are another popular combination that achieves a similar traditional-meets-trendy vibe.

The Euro shank is a design element that makes elaborate or heavy engagement rings more comfortable. The part of the band on the palm side of the hand is flattened and squared off, creating a more stable base for the ring. This helps keep the ring from slipping sideways on the finger—so that gorgeous design will always be pointing the right way for adoring eyes to gaze on.

Over the last few years, rose gold came on the scene and became the new trendy metal color. The warmth of the hue made it popular, and that is helping usher yellow gold back into the spotlight. More people are designing rings in yellow gold, which has a gorgeous timeless-yet-trendy feel.

The beauty of a custom design is that you’re free to be creative with the stones and materials. Our designers have seen a lot of opals being incorporated into ring designs. These beautiful stones are quite soft, so if you want one in an engagement ring, think about them as smaller accents and choose a more durable stone for the center.

This gorgeous custom ring incorporates almost every trend: Fancy cut stones, a unique silhouette, yellow gold and opal accent stones. Stunning!

Which of these trends is your favorite?