At Forever Artisans, we feature real life stories to inspire your custom design. This is the true story of how Thomas & Alexandra designed their dream engagement ring.



We had met a few times at events, parties or small get togethers with our mutual friend but never really talked or got to know each other. Our friend was moving to Baltimore and threw a going away full weekend party, during which we started to talk more. We left the weekend not exchanging numbers but quickly met up the next weekend using social media to find Alex.



The inspiration for this ring came from knowing Alex’s preferences for a ring as well as my own taste in what we like. Three stones in the middle suits her better than one giant stone, and the tiny stones along the band to either side show that there’s a lot more to her than first meets the eye.



Yes, definitely. The process was very easy with all of my questions answered right away. The final ring even came out better than how the last digital version looked.


I rented out a bar in Cambridge, MA with 50 of our closest friends on Friday night, November 1st 2019 from 6:30-10:30. I picked that bar since we used to go there all the time when we first started dating, and they have a great selection of beer, food, lots of space and it's close to our apartment. I setup a fake dinner reservation inside from 7:30-8 with a bottle of champagne, hoping that the two of us would show up around 7:30 and I could propose downstairs but still in sight of most people up in the loft. Alex had other ideas for how the night was going to go....she had just got back from a three day work trip that day at 3:30 and had already changed out of her work clothes, trying her absolute hardest to convince me we did not need to go out to eat that night. We had friends flying in for the weekend just to make it to the bar that night, so I told her that a few would be there to surprise her.

She was upset and slowly taking her time, but we made it to the restaurant at 7:45. We took an Uber there with our roommate Derek, who I explained the whole plan to beforehand. Instead of proposing inside, we decided to audible on the fly and have Derek take Alex’s phone while inside the Uber to “look at some pictures” and then 10 seconds after leaving the car, I proposed outside the bar, not waiting any longer or being distracted by anyone else. She flipped instantly from being annoyed that we were going out to tears of happiness, said yes (while laughing at me for opening the ring box upside down and blinding her with the tiny light inside it) and we ran inside the bar. I grabbed the champagne from the fake dinner reservation and we ran upstairs to the loft to everyone cheering. Highly stressful day turned into the best night of our lives.



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