We love vintage style…but what exactly does that mean? There are so many fashion eras that are gorgeously recreated in custom designs. Today, we’re inspired by the elegance and intricacy of Victorian style, and how key elements can create gorgeous modern jewelry.

  Lace and Blush  


The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Victorian style is probably lace. And lots of it. Lush fabrics like lace and velvet were in vogue at the time and are perfect inspiration for custom jewelry. Lacy metalwork, cluster-style pieces and rose gold are both on-trend right now, but their vintage look will mean they are classics for years to come.

  Rubies and Ornate Details  


Rich red rubies are the perfect complement to ornate details, particularly when paired with yellow gold. Curling and swirling details are a hallmark of Victorian style—another callback to the love of lacy looks. Rubies are a gorgeous choice for earrings, pendants and rings.

  Nature-Inspired Emeralds  


Like rubies, emeralds were popular in the Victorian era. The deep green stones were often complemented by vines, flowers and leaf-like accents. Intricate, repeating patterns that draw from nature and organic lines paired with emerald stones make this vintage style seem to come to life.

  Detailed Symmetrical Metalwork  


Elaborate patterns and lavish detail are hallmarks of the lavish Victorian style. Ornate metalwork with curved lines and floral inspiration are perfect for creating a vintage-inspired piece of jewelry. Symmetrical patterns and repeating elements create a look that is rich and glamorous.


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