We draw inspiration from the things around us; in particular, the buildings that loom large in our cities old and new. From the artistry of ancient structures to the soaring heights of modern skyscrapers, we are inspired to recreate architecture in miniature in designs for rings and fine jewelry.



Peer through an archway into the next space. The elegance and strength the arc is beautifully reflected in jewelry designs. From decorative to simple, the smooth curve of an archway draws the eye and invites further exploration.


In architecture, pillars impart a sense of strength, symmetry and balance. In jewelry, pillar-like design elements can do the same. It is classic and regal, with simple, repeating patterns that are pleasing to the eye.


Steps draw the eye in a room, and they’ll do the same in a ring design. A staircase-inspired design can create texture and pattern that pull the eye around the finished piece. Skilled metalwork goes a long way in creating an intriguing piece.

How does architecture inspire you?