Autumn is one of the most highly revered seasons with its vibrant colors and dazzling outdoor decorations. It’s no wonder so many people choose to use these unique details in their custom engagement ring. Anything from the leaves drifting in the breeze to the string lights hung from houses can be added to create a truly one-of-a-kind piece. Take inspiration from real customer designs and make a ring all your own.


Autumn Ruby

While neutrals and pale yellows can be seen outside, autumn’s vibrant red- which can be seen in leaves and clothing- is what makes the season so undeniably beautiful. Rubies are the perfect way to incorporate the hue of autumn while giving your ring a modern style. Rubies are great as center stones, but can also be used as side stones or accents. Embrace the season and the colors that come with it.

Swirling Leaves

When you think of autumn, you think of leaves swirling around you, entangled in the breeze. You can take these same details with you everywhere you go by incorporating these designs in the metalwork of your ring. A few leaves or entwining branches will be the perfect addition to your prized adornment.

Illuminating Lights

The luster and shape of Round Brilliant stones resemble the sparkle of dangling string lights. From pumpkin patches to neighborhood trick-or-treating, the lights of autumn illuminate the season. Incorporate these influences into your design by adding Round Brilliant accent stones to the band of your ring. Not only will it add allure, but it will also remind you of the season’s beauty decorated around you.

Cozy Details

Autumn is a time for layers and comfortability. Imagine the cozy feeling of your favorite sweater but as an engagement ring. A comfort-fit band will allow a snug, but comfortable fit. This type of shank is designed with extra metal to create a domed shape, instead of a standard fit which is designed with a flat edge. This way you can be comfortable all day, every day.

Which autumn details inspire you? Tell us in the comments!