The Monarch Collection is one of the brand new Fall/Winter lines in the Forever Artisans Boutique. Each piece was concepted and created by our in-house designer Nina. Take a peek behind the design and see how this unique collection came to life.


Everything in the Monarch Collection was created to be a statement piece. Use of symmetry and asymmetry in the designs create a sense of balance throughout this bold collection.

I wanted to make pieces that feel truly custom and unique, so I let go of the idea of designing pieces that are conventionally ‘pretty.’ I used angular lines and sharp points in different ways throughout, which make this collection feel unexpected and special.

Metal type was not a constraint. White, rose and yellow gold are used equally in the collection, but the design themes make the pieces feel cohesive.

Mixing metals is so fun, from a design perspective. It really allows more freedom, and the end result feels really modern and cool.


We’ve seen bezel settings growing in popularity over the last year, in engagement rings and fine jewelry. The sleekness and lack of prongs really spoke to me and I used bezels as the basis of many of the designs in this collection.

Outside Influence: The Marseille Collection by Diamond Nexus

The Marseille Collection from Diamond Nexus has clean lines and a fresh, modern vibe for engagement rings and fine jewelry. The simplicity of the bezel settings served as inspiration for the Forever Artisans Monarch Collection.

Bezel settings have no prongs; instead, the stone is enclosed within smooth metal. I liked the illusion that the stone is floating, with no prongs that cover the stone, I carried that throughout the collection by focusing on clean lines, even in the most complex pieces.


Unlike some statement jewelry, this collection was designed to be worn—and not just for special occasions.

Personally, my favorite jewelry are pieces that I can wear in multiple ways depending on my mood or outfit, I designed the Monarch Collection to be versatile in this way. Each piece can be worn alone or together with other pieces, whether from the collection or from your personal jewelry wardrobe.

How would you wear the Monarch Collection?

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