The Riviera Collection is one of the brand new Fall/Winter lines in the Forever Artisans Boutique. Each piece was concepted and created by our in-house designer Aaron. Take a peek behind the design and see how this unique collection came to life.


The Riviera Collection was inspired by the giltz and glamour of the French Riviera. Each piece was created to be an unexpected interpretation of a classic, with strong themes of elegance and luxury throughout. Recurring use of halos and white gold make this collection feel cohesive.

Designed By Aaron
I was inspired by the extravagance of Monte Carlo,” says designer Aaron. “I wanted to take the feeling of opulence and design pieces that made it feel more attainable.

The Riviera Collection was thoughtfully designed to be mixed and matched, to create the feeling of a custom designed personal jewelry wardrobe.

I love that feeling when someone wears my designs and feels like no one has anything like it.


I love to play with classic designs and make them more unexpected. The halo design is truly a modern classic. With the Monaco East-West Ring, I turned the whole halo horizontally, which changes the feel from very vintage to modern and elegant. The East-West trend is subtler in the Monte Carlo Ring, with the cushion halo turned forty-five degrees. In that design, I also hid sapphires beneath the center stone, giving it that element of surprise.

Outside Influences: The Halo Collection and the East-West Collection by Diamond Nexus


The collection was designed to be buildable, with pieces that can be worn alone or in combination to accessorize almost any outfit.

Each piece in the collection is highly wearable. Wearing just the Monaco Oval Studs or the Monte Carlo Pendant on their own is elegant but versatile enough to be worn to work or for a night out. By adding more pieces to an outfit and wearing them together, it feels more and more luxurious.

How would you wear the Riviera Collection?

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