Our designers know the latest trends in jewelry design, because they work with people every day to create new pieces. Over time, new design elements become more popular and our designers are inspired to interpret them in new and unique ways.


The bezel is a sleek style of setting a stone using no prongs. Instead, the stone is fully encircled by smooth metal. It’s a very low profile and sturdy setting for rings and fine jewelry. The effect is modern, and can range from minimalist and unobtrusive to a bold design element.

Our designers were inspired by bezel settings, and they feature prominently throughout both the Monarch and the Riviera Collections.

The Riviera Collection uses bezel settings as more obvious design elements, especially in the halo pieces. The center stones are set in bezels, so they are smooth and flat on top, making them lower profile. The faux-bezel is also used throughout, where stones are prong set and surrounded by walls of metal that look like a bezel but are simply a design element. The effect is a more modern, custom-feeling collection.

Faux-bezels are used alongside true bezel settings in the Monarch Collection, too. The Oreanda Statement Ring showcases beautiful use of the two styles together, which creates a cohesive look.

The Zinnia Ring, Earrings and Pendant alternate between bezel and prong settings, which enhances the flowery look created by the abstract halo design.

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