Our designers can keep their finger on the pulse of real design trends, because they work with people every day to create custom jewelry. Over time, new design elements become more popular, and our designers are inspired to interpret them in new and different ways.
The East-West trend takes an oblong stone shape that would normally be set vertically, and turns it horizontally. It turns typical design on its head. Over the last year, Forever Artisans sister company, Diamond Nexus, has seen an increase in popularity for East-West engagement rings—so much so that they even created East-West necklaces as well. This design element has spilled over to custom design, as well, as more and more people are creating rings centered around an East-West setting.


In the Monarch Collection, three pieces feature East-West settings: Oreanda Wedding Set, Sobralia Three-Stone Band, and Zinnia Bezel Band. The effect of using East-West settings in these pieces is to give them an unexpected and eye-catching look.


The Riviera Collection has subtle East-West influences. It’s most apparent in the Monaco East-West Oval Ring, however it is present throughout. The Monte Carlo line all features cushion-shaped halo designs that are turned to recall the look of an East-West setting. The effect is elegant and streamlined.


This collection showcases how to take a trend and build on it to make it your own. The Elderflower ring features a Pear cut stone as the centerpiece. The trend is interpreted here to create illusion of a flower, rather than using East-West as a design element itself.

What style would you choose? How would you interpret the East-West trend in a custom piece? Tell us in the comments or tag @foreverartisans on social media to show us how you rock an East-West style.