The truth is, there’s no reason to buy a mined diamond. Modern technology can now create jewelry-grade diamonds in a lab, along with other stones that offer couples more choices than ever before when shopping for an engagement ring or fine jewelry.


Man Made Diamonds

Man made diamonds are just that—diamonds. They are grown in a lab under intense heat and pressure. The result is a rough diamond just like what would be pulled from the Earth. They are cut, polished and graded the same way as mined diamonds. They are completely and in all ways, diamonds.

Cost: Expensive, similar or slightly less than mined diamonds.


Diamond Alternatives

Our most popular stone choice is the patented Nexus Diamond Alternative alternative stone. It is a brilliantly sparkly stone that looks, acts and wears just like a diamond. Our proprietary formula ensures it is nearly as hard as a diamond (and even cuts glass). All Nexus Diamond alternatives are graded like diamonds—and they are all flawless in cut, color and clarity. Many couples choose the Nexus Diamond for its quality and value after seeing the often exorbitant prices of mined diamonds.

Cost: Much less expensive, up to 80% less than mined diamonds.


Color Stones

Colored stones are increasing in popularity as a unique choice for engagement rings, as well as fine jewelry. We also offer Nexus Color Stones, which are rubies, emeralds and sapphires that are made in a lab. Like our man made diamonds, our gemstones are identical in all ways to their mined counterparts. Unlike mined rubies, emeralds and sapphires, our man made gems are uniformly rich in color and flawless in quality.

Cost: Much less expensive than mined rubies, emeralds and sapphires.


Heirloom Diamonds

Though we do not offer mined diamonds for sale, we often set heirloom diamonds in new pieces. We can help you recreate an old or damaged family treasure, or create a completely new piece using the diamonds from an heirloom handed down to you. It is a lovely way to give life to old pieces.



Choosing the type of stone for your custom piece is a personal decision, and one that we think increases the romance of creating a piece entirely from your imagination. For more information on our stone choices, give us a call. We’d love to talk with you.