When our jewelry designers are done helping you create your dream piece of jewelry, they dream up their own.

From the design desk of: Kate C.

Designer Spotlight: Intricate Bracelet  

The Inspiration

"I really like patterns and texture, and how small details weave together to make something beautiful. The bracelet’s allure is the simple repeating pattern that catches the eye."

Designer Spotlight: Intricate Bracelet

The Stones

This bracelet is made up of 171 Nexus Diamond Alternatives weighing in at 12.73 total carats. The stones are a mix of shapes, including Asscher, Marquise and baguette cuts.


Designer Spotlight: Intricate Bracelet

The Secret

"I played with different stone shapes and layouts until I was pleased with the pattern, then formed the setting around the stones."

Designer Spotlight: Intricate Bracelet

Wear It

"This is a bracelet for special occasions. It is dainty enough to be paired with other bracelets to create a stacked look. It’s perfect for a night at the theater or a special dinner."


Price as designed: $13,141 | 12.73 total carat weight

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