We’re crazy for canary! The yellow-hued stones instantly change the character of a design, and can make a piece look and feel completely fresh. These six custom rings couldn’t be more different, but they all feature canary stones in different ways.


This Art Deco-inspired stunner is a modern interpretation of a halo. The canary colored Marquise center stone is bold enough to be the centerpiece of such an ornate ring, because the color stone stands out clearly against the colorless accent stones. Yellow gold makes the design feel cohesive yet still full of character.

Canary stones can make a simple design feel completely new and innovative. A canary Princess cut Nexus Diamond with canary accent stones, all in yellow gold, has a monochromatic elegance. The double claw prongs add a subtle modern element that perfectly complete this design.

This design is a reimagining of a classic three-stone ring. The canary Emerald cut stone is the showpiece, but the boldness of the Pear cut side stones elevate the whole design. The details aren’t forgotten; the yellow gold double claw prongs blend into the yellow hue of the canary stone, while the rest of the design is white gold.

Simple design elements make this halo look modern and sleek. The Cushion cut canary stone is emphasized by the yellow gold bezel setting, which creates an outline of the unique stone shape. The halo with millgraine detailing softens the look slightly, and the simple band ensures the attention stays focused on the beautiful stones.

This men’s band proves that monochrome is gender-neutral. The canary stones set within the yellow gold band add texture and visual interest. This design is perfect for a guy who wants more than a plain band, but doesn’t necessarily want too much sparkle.

This unique men’s band is ornate, but the negative space created by the open metalwork makes it feel light and airy. The canary stones add visual weight that centers the design and creates a sense of balance throughout. For the right man, this ring would be the perfect wedding band.

What canary custom design is your favorite?