Floral inspiration is blossoming all around you—from the petals of budding flowers to luscious new greenery. Use inspiration from surrounding nature and these custom rings to help design your one-of-a-kind piece.


Twisting Vines

Follow the twists of vineyard vines with metalwork to match. Spring brings growth to new life, from vines found in nature to winding branches sprouting from trees. Incorporate these mesmerizing details in your engagement ring by adding a twisting shank. The metalwork alone will be an awe-inspiring addition, but adding dainty accents can resemble the budding flowers that sprout from this new growth.

Delicate Petals

Settings can resemble tulips in full bloom, which is a perfect addition for those who are intrigued by blossoming flowers. This tulip setting holds on to the center Nexus Diamond™ alternative with delicacy and strength, giving the viewer an enthralling profile view. Take the beautiful moments of spring with you, every day.

Captivating Halos

Halos that feature a Round Brilliant center stone resemble the silhouette of full-petaled flowers. Add swirling metalwork to enhance these features even more. The result will be an engagement ring overflowing with floral inspiration, perfect as an everyday adornment.

Leafy Details

During this glorious time of year, leaves are restored to their captivating color and vivacity. Small, leafy details can be added to the shank of an engagement ring or wedding band to resemble the strength that comes with this new growth. These details will remind you of your love for nature, while being one of your ring’s key focal points.

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