Sapphires traditionally represent nobility, truth and faithfulness. No wonder they’re the birthstone for September birthdays! With their royal influence and gorgeous deep blue hue, Sapphires are increasingly being worn as alternatives to a traditional diamond in engagement rings, and we love them in cocktail rings or right hand bands, too.

  Sapphire in September: Flowing River Band, Sapphire Accented Band  

Flowing River Band

This design is inspired by a flowing river. The sapphires recall pure water, while the swooping bypass setting implies movement sliding around the kite-set Princess cut center stone. It is elegant and clean in a way that makes it timeless.

Sapphire in September: Sapphire Halo  

Sapphire Halo

Colored precious gems have been increasing in popularity and when we see a ring like this, it’s obvious why! Replacing a traditional colorless center stone with a sapphire makes this ring feel more unique. The royal inspiration is clear, however the claw prongs and cushion shaped halo make it feel like a modern classic.

Sapphire in September: A Hint of Blue, My Something Blue  

A Hint of Blue

This design shows off an ornate style that is elevated with just a tiny hint of sapphire. The rich blue draws the eye around the detailed band, but the gorgeous Emerald cut center stone takes center stage. Adding a bit of color to a design is a subtle way to make it your own.

Sapphire in September: Bold Blue Band, Bold Sapphire Ring  

Bold Blue Band

Blue, bold and beautiful! This band can be worn as a gorgeous wedding ring or as a right hand ring. We love how the design mimics the look of stacked bands all in one. The Nexus Diamond alternatives make the band of sapphires pop. Bonus: This band is super comfortable to wear with smooth flush settings.

When it comes to designing a ring with sapphires, the (blue) sky is the limit. What will you imagine?

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