With a little help and a lot of imagination, this couple was able to recreate their existing wedding set while adding a special significance for everyone in their family.

When Shawn and Nicole decided it was time to update Nicole’s ring, they wanted the freedom to design something that would be uniquely cherished.


“When we decided it was time to upgrade Nicole's wedding set, it was of utmost importance to us that we work on the design together, and that we have the freedom to design exactly what we wanted. The ring needed to be classic, but unique. Something that would be one of a kind.”

This distinct piece even incorporated their son, which shaped an incredibly special meaning they would be able to preserve forever.

“We were able to make a responsible decision about the source of our new diamond and we were able to get the design we envisioned from the start. We were even able to incorporate a nod to our son, Davis, in the ring bands, with the engraving on the underside. This makes them even more special to us.”


The result was not only what they had hoped for, but something they would be able to treasure for years to come. “These rings will be something that we will cherish, always. Thank you for such a great experience."

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