This is the true story of Nicholas and Kelly, and how they designed the perfect custom engagement ring to start their life together as husband and wife.

How did you two meet?

We both serve in our church’s kids ministry, and we met during some leadership meetings. One day, I just spontaneously invited Kelly to come over to my house for some dinner and wine after a long day of work for both of us. We dated for about 11 months before I proposed.

Tell us your proposal story!

I wanted to surprise Kelly, so I put together a whole Valentine’s Day Weekend getaway for us up in Asheville, NC, which is one of her favorite places to go. The Grove Park Inn is one of my favorite hotels up there, and one she has always wanted to see, so I made us a dinner reservation. For months I worked with one of their dining facility managers to plan the whole thing out. I wanted to do it in a setting just as beautiful as Kelly—one of the terraces that overlooks the mountain range was a beautiful backdrop.

I invited some of our closest friends and family to come up for the event to surprise her. The dining staff received the love letter I had written for her in advance, as well as the bottle of wine I wanted poured for us. I made her think it was just a nice dinner reservation for us, and a pre-dinner cocktail hour, so that when we arrived, nothing would seem unusual. I walked us out to the table the dining manager and I had selected, and as soon as we were seated, the waitress brought out the wine and the love letter I had written. Once she got to the end of the letter, I got down on my knee and proposed. After that, all of our friends and family rushed out on the terrace to surprise her and celebrate!


Where did the inspiration for the design come from?

The inspiration for the ring came from a compilation of ideas Kelly liked, as well as a desire to match her grandmother’s wedding band that was passed down to her. The biggest stipulation was that Kelly had to be able to use her grandmother’s wedding band for her own.

Did we meet all of your expectations from designed image to finished piece?

The design process was so flawless! They took into account every little detail and turned it into a more perfect ring than either of us could ever imagine!

Forever Artisans went above and beyond! Not only are you getting a stone that is radiant, beautiful, and made ethically with no human harm, you are getting the ring of her dreams! They will not disappoint and will blow your expectations away! Don’t shop anywhere else. Don’t even waste your time thinking about looking anywhere else (unless it’s to get ideas to give to them to bring to life)!

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