We often turn to nature to renew us, restore balance and inspire us. So it makes sense that inspirations for custom jewelry and rings often come from nature’s beauty.


There is a long tradition of drawing on flowers as inspiration for jewelry. The effect is romantic and feminine, whether the finished piece is ornate or simple. You can be as straightforward or as abstract as you like; include a metalwork rose, or interpret a flower as an ornate halo. Stunning.


Pieces inspired by vines and forests tend to be whimsical. Draw inspiration from contrast between structure and free-formed plants in their natural environment. Leaves are a common theme, whether they’re made in metal or by using Marquise cut stones. A little goes a long way.


Drawing on the organic textures found in nature can result in a more rustic design. Think tree bark, coral, marble and honeycombs. These pieces feel grounded and organic. Yellow gold will lean into the natural look, while white or rose gold will give it a more refined quality.

As in nature, flowers, woods and textured elements all work together beautifully. Mix and match your favorite elements from any of these inspirations to create a beautiful piece of art all your own.

What inspires you?