This is Jason and Jackie's story about how they designed the perfect custom wedding ring to start their life together as husband and wife.


How did you two meet?
We met working in the Marketing Department at Forever Companies of all places! I started as an intern and on my second day of work, I walked in to find Jason in my cube talking to a cube mate of mine. Being the hot-shot new intern I jokingly, yet in a snarky tone, said “Um... can I help you? You are in my cube.” I don’t remember what happened next but I'm happy to say that my not-so-flattering first impression didn’t bother him - and over 6 years later, we are newlyweds!

How long have you been together?
Just over 6 years.

Tell us your proposal story!
Although Jason had the ring in his pocket for over a week, just waiting for the right moment, his proposal was a bit unplanned - but perfect. One weekday evening during Christmas break, after he cooked me dinner, we had just opened a bottle of wine and were relaxing on the couch. Abruptly, he got up off the couch, ran to his desk and rustled in the top drawer. He ran back over to the couch and got down on one knee with ring in hand. Before he could even say anything, I’m pretty sure I was already sobbing and his eyes were tearing up too. This was the moment we were waiting for. Of course, I said yes and we instantly called everyone we knew!

Photo credit: Lauren Rae Photography


What was your overall experience with the design process?
It was amazing! Although I have worked here for almost 7 years, I never knew how easy and fun that process would be! I brought many ideas to my initial chat with the designer, and was almost overwhelmed with what direction I should go in. The designer talked me through the aesthetics of each idea I showed her and we were able to narrow in on what I truly loved. I enjoyed collaborating with Jason on my wedding band and I remember the process fondly when I look down at my hand.

How did you hear about us?
I work here!

Where did the inspiration for this design come from?
Working at the company and being surrounded by incredible jewelry designs for so many years, I had a thousand and one different ideas. I knew I wanted a bold band that I could wear alone or with my engagement ring. I wanted to play with different stone shapes, but definitely wanted to include the Emerald cut because my engagement ring is an East-West Classic Emerald. After scouring through Pinterest, fashion magazines, and even famous jewelry through history, we finally landed on the perfect design.

Photo credit: Lauren Rae Photography


Did we meet all of your expectations from design image to finished design?
Absolutely and then some! I always felt like I was aware of what part of the process the ring was in. Beyond that, the team did a great job of sending me designs that they thought I might like which was unexpected but very thoughtful. I loved seeing our design come to life in every stage and would do it all over again in a heartbeat.


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