Forever Artisans - Custom Design Story: Alex & Amanda

How did you two meet?
We met through mutual friends while in college in Whitewater, Wisconsin. We’ve been together a little over 3 ½ years.

What was your proposal story?
Everyone was in on it, and somehow I (Amanda) still had no idea it was coming! I don’t know how Alex told my family months prior, involved my best friends and had a photographer hiding in the bushes, all while I suspected nothing!

We were planning to visit our friends in Illinois for the weekend, starting with a dinner at a nice Italian restaurant and a movie double date. Before we left, Alex suggested that we take a photo on the River Walk in Milwaukee’s Third Ward, a pretty spot across from where we live, since we were all dressed up.

Alex had prepared an adorable speech that he said as we made our way down the path to the River Walk. When we got to the dock, he got down on one knee and asked if I would do him the honor of marrying him! And the ring! GASP! It was everything I hoped it would be—even down to the tiny details.

I snapped back to reality when I saw four of our best friends appear from their hiding places, all taking photos and cheering. We didn’t end up at that Italian dinner or movie theater that night—but our celebrations led us to a candle-lit dinner in Milwaukee. He pulled off the perfect proposal. For countless reasons, it was the very best day of my life.

Forever Artisans - Custom Design Story: Alex & Amanda

“The ring! GASP! It was everything I hoped it would be—even down to the tiny details.”

Did we meet all of your expectations from design image to finished piece?
From Alex: My overall experience with the design process was outstanding! Everyone was exceptionally helpful and went out of their way to come up with the perfect ring. They played a vital role in guiding me through the process and turning my vision into reality. I would strongly recommend the Forever Artisans team and we will continue to be life long customers!

From Amanda: I am extremely thankful to say that I own a custom-made, one-of-a-kind, stunningly beautiful engagement rings designed by the man of my dreams! My ring is exactly what I hoped for, down to the meaningful engraving on the inside, which brought tears to my eyes! I will treasure it for the rest of my days.

Designer Quote:
"Alex was a lot of fun to work with! He knew just want Amanda would love: A classic, dainty halo ring with a delicate accented band. Adding the engraving inside was the perfect finishing touch."

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