“She was so surprised and completely thrilled with the result. She loves her ring to this day. It was such a unique design and truly spectacular.” -Andrew

Wedding Rings

How did you two meet?

We met through an online dating site. We are one of the true success stories!


How long have you been together?

We met in 2010 and became very close very quickly. Each of us needed some personal evolution so we were together off and on for four years before we finally got to the amazing place we are now. We have always been best friends from day one and the chemistry was always there.

Bride and groom  

Can you share your proposal story?

The proposal story is not all that exciting. It was something that was coming, we both knew it and had talked about it. The decision was made while the ring was being made, even though I did not want to formally propose until I had a ring to put on her finger to show the world what she means to me. However, we could not wait and made the decision in December 2013, but told very few people. I did not give her the ring and finalize the engagement for the world until February 4, 2014. I had set the expectation of her getting the ring somewhat far in the future as I expected the manufacturing process to take longer than it did. Forever Artisans had set a timeline you beat by two weeks, which was fortuitous. We were planning the wedding and had decided on a place here in SLC, one that held great meaning for us. We had one of our first dates at Tuscany, a local high end Italian restaurant, so I planned a dinner there, “just to check out the menu” as we were planning the wedding to be there. Of course, I had just received the ring and I planned to give it to her then. I arranged a secluded table by the fire and presented the ring to her after ordering wine. She was so surprised and completely thrilled with the result.  She loves her ring to this day.  It is such a unique design and truly spectacular. 

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How was your overall experience with Forever Artisans?

Simply outstanding. It was such an easy process even though it was all done through e-mail and on the website. The designer was so patient and because of the way Forever Artisan does the custom design, I was able to see images at each step that truly represented the piece. I was amazed. I was able to modify and revise, even minute details. No matter how many times I wanted something different, the designer was patient and willing to make any changes I wanted. As I mentioned, the manufacturing process was much quicker than expected which was excellent. Rebecca could not be happier. In fact, we have discussed getting a wedding band to match at some time in the future. I was able to get a custom designed ring exactly as I wanted it at literally 25% of the cost compared to the original concept ring we based Rebecca’s ring on. Honestly, a diamond is a diamond and I was able to get the size and cut for a fraction of the cost of an earth-created diamond. The best part, no one can tell the difference and it is simply beautiful.

CAD of ring  

How did you hear about us?

My sister-in-law has used Forever Artisans a couple times in the past and was always impressed.


Where did the inspiration for this design come from?

When we were looking for rings we saw something at a high end jewelry store in town, which was the first place we looked by the way. Even though we looked at several other places, she loved this one the best. I did some more recon and got pictures of the ring, she found some similar images online, and between all of that I had my start.  I then modified and tweaked the design, with some help from her sister, to come up with the final result.

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Did we meet all of your expectations from design image to finished piece?

COMPLETELY!! It was an easy process. I was completely involved and had total freedom to make the design what I wanted. It was a really fun experience and considering the outcome and her absolute delight in the final product, I could not be happier with everything I experienced with Forever Artisans. My expectations were more than met – they were exceeded!! Well done to everyone who I worked with. You are all fantastic and I will definitely use Forever Artisans again when the need arises.

Designer Quote:

"The unique milgrain bordered halo completes this vintage style. It pairs well with the custom matching men’s band."

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