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This is the true story of how Colton and Heather designed their dream engagement ring.



Colton and I met last December when my partner and I got called to a dangerous scene (I am a Paramedic with the local volunteer Rescue Squad) for a stand-by. He also showed up, off duty (he was a firefighter/EMT at the local paid fire department), because my partner at the time also happened to be his cousin, so he was stopping in to check on her. After he left, I asked her several questions about him, and then found him on social media and we began talking that way. We started out as good friends, but that quickly had us developing different feelings for each other.

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The inspiration for my design came from several pieces I had seen throughout the chain jewelers. When I first began looking for a ring, I had several ideas of what I wanted, but I couldn’t find a ring that matched exactly right. I liked the center stone from one, but not the band. I liked the halo from another, but not the design of the prongs. None of the rings really suited me 100%. Then I came up with the idea to also incorporate my Na’s birthstone in my ring. Her and my Pa have been married for 59 years. They have that kind of marriage that Colton and I both aspire to have one day. She has been my rock throughout life, and with her birthstone in my ring, it’s like she’s always there with me, holding my hand. After having no luck with chain jewelers, we eventually decided to look into custom jewelers. We briefly started a design with a local jeweler, but that was a disaster from the beginning. When my fiancé, Colton, ran across an advertisement for Forever Artisans on Facebook, he and I both began our research on the company. We definitely had our suspicions, of course, about using a custom jeweler that we had never heard of before; but we did our homework and learned that they were a perfect fit for us.

Missy was my consultant throughout the process, and there has never been a more patient woman! I sent her a few photos in the beginning with what I liked and didn’t like on each ring. I also sent her a photo of a separate ring that had a stone situated under the center stone, and told her I wanted an Emerald to be seen from both sides of my ring to represent my Na. A day later, she had sent back several different quotes, each one depending on my center stone size, time of CAD drawing, etc. and explained each step of the process to me, and how the price could differ slightly based on how much I change my design. She was straight forward and up front about EVERYTHING right off the bat. She even gave me a ton of research about lab grown diamonds because I was so skeptical about those as well (if you are skeptical about them, do your research! They are real diamonds and they don’t get the positive hype they deserve!). After tweaking my design a few more times, and asking Missy a million more questions, we gave the go-ahead for creating the ring. From me approving the final design, to Colton having the ring in hand took less than a month! We were so shocked at the turn-around time on this design. Of course at the time of proposal I didn’t know how quick he had gotten it, so the proposal timing itself was a complete shock.


Early in September, we took a short weekend trip to DC to get away and have some time to ourselves. On the way in to DC we stopped at the National Harbor to have dinner and ride the Ferris wheel. He proposed right on the boardwalk with the Capital Ferris Wheel in the background and the sun setting over the harbor. It was absolutely perfect! What was going to be a simple weekend trip away was made magical with Colton’s proposal.



Our experience with Forever Artisans and Missy has surpassed our expectations! She always responded in a timely manner and never left me hanging. She answered every single question I had, no matter how big or small it was. And the design itself is just phenomenal! The designers at Forever Artisans and Missy took my ideas and my dreams and made it into a craft piece that is one of a kind. I could not ask for better customer service or a more beautiful ring! I still smile every time I look down at my ring and think about the symbolism of Colton’s love, as well as the Emeralds that remind me of a marriage I strive to have with him one day. I will forever cherish this design and all of the thought and love put into it!

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Colton and Heather's Story Continued...

Colton and I met December 9, 2018 during a snowstorm that was occurring in our area. He was a paid Firefighter/EMT with the local county Department of Public Safety and I was a volunteer Paramedic at the Rescue Squad located within their territory. We had a record snowfall of 14 inches over a 2 day period. My EMS partner and I were on duty at the time that the snow started to fall, and about an hour into the storm we were dispatched to a dangerous subject who had barricaded himself, and police were on the way. We had to respond as a “stand-by” crew in case of emergencies on scene with apprehending the subject. My partner, who also happens to be Colton’s cousin, was new to driving the ambulance at this time, and Colton knew this. He was off duty that day, but happened to be at a family member’s house with a friend of his in the same area as the call location. Colton heard the call go out on his fire radio in his truck, and due to the dangerous nature of the call, as well as the bad road conditions, he responded to our stand-by location to check on her. We were on stand-by for around 6 hours that day, and half way through the day Colton offered to go get my partner and me something for lunch and bring it back for us. As the day progressed, I started asking her questions about Colton, quizzing her on his relationship status, how old he was, where he went to school, etc.

As the days following that snowstorm passed, I found myself more and more intrigued by how sweet he was to help us while we were stuck on scene like that. So I reached out, adding him to Facebook, and then to Snapchat. I began messaging him on one of them and then eventually we got each other’s numbers. It wasn’t long before we were hanging out together, but I had made it clear that I was not interested in a relationship. I just thought he was a really good person and I wanted him in my life as a friend. He told me early on that he had feelings for me, but he agreed that we shouldn’t date at that time because he was scheduled to enlist with the Army mid-December. When that fell through due to his injury, he told me that he would wait as long as it took for me to be ready to date.

On Christmas Eve, 2018, he was in a fire-fighting accident that put him in the hospital several times in the weeks to follow, one of those trips being on December 28th, which also happened to be my 29th birthday. Something inside of me pulled me to him that day, and I spent my birthday in the hospital with him keeping him company. After that day, I realized I had more feelings for him than I cared to admit. I pushed many of my own feelings for him aside and tried to ignore them, but eventually I just couldn’t ignore them any longer. I finally gave in and told him how I really felt and we started dating mid-January 2019. I constantly felt myself being drawn to be by his side. As Colton’s injury really began to show what his future would hold, he still never asked for my help, he never wanted my pity, he just wanted my company. In the upcoming months after his injury, we became a team against his injury and we were (and still are) determined to get him back to 100% health. This bond, in return, created a team between us that was ready to take on a life together.

We began discussing marriage early on in the relationship, and we both decided that a custom engagement ring suited our relationship best. After all, nothing about our relationship has been of the “norm.” We did our homework and began customizing my ring in June of 2019. In September of 2019, we decided to take a weekend trip to DC to tour some of the free museums and simply get away for a few days. On the way into DC, we stopped at the National Harbor in Maryland to have dinner and ride the giant Ferris wheel. Colton’s little brother, who attends school at the University near there, was supposed to meet him at the harbor to surprise me and to take photos of us. On the way to the harbor, the person driving him was in a minor car accident and they were not able to make it there (no one was hurt except the car). Unbeknown to me, Colton was panicking because his plan wasn’t going to work. As the sun started to set, we began to walk along the boardwalk. The sunset was gorgeous so I asked him to take a selfie with me with the sunset in our background. Two very sweet ladies near us saw us trying to get the photo just right and came over to offer their assistance. They began taking a lot of photos of us, and in the middle of the photoshoot Colton got down on his knee and popped the question! The ladies were quick-thinking and even got part of it on video for us! With the sunset over the beautiful harbor and Ferris wheel in the background, I said yes!

Over this past year, our relationship has become one of the strongest bonds I have ever seen, and it still continues to grow every day. With Colton’s injury turning his entire life upside down, we have gone through more this year as a new couple in love than most couple’s see in a lifetime. While I don’t wish our circumstances on anyone, I do believe that it has made us into the wonderful couple we are today. We are an unbeatable team, with an unbreakable bond, and our support for each other is unsurpassed. We push each other to be our best selves, and we cannot wait to see what our future holds, as a family!