Design Story: Dzu & Amber  

How did you two meet?

We first met as colleagues in 2012 when Amber transferred from Texas to work in California. Initially she was adamant that I wasn’t her type—until she realized I possessed what she has needed all her life: one incredibly perfect dimple. Once she laid eyes on it, she knew; she knew that I had to be hers but her secret longing would be unanswered for years. Eventually, we ended up working closely together. At first I played the role of “good friend,” someone who she was able to confide in. But, unbeknownst to her, that was just a cover so that I could pounce once an opening presented itself.


How long have you been together?

I seized the opportunity and asked her out in August 2015. She’s been entrapped ever since.

Design Story: Dzu & Amber

Can you share your proposal story?

We were sitting at the dinner table with our two kids, Aidan and Noah, and everyone was trying to speak to me at once. I somehow managed to follow all three conversations and answer accordingly. It was at this time that I thought we had something perfect. A profound happiness overwhelmed me and I knew I would ask this woman to marry me that night.


Shortly after dinner we retreated to the living room where Amber was getting ready to read a bedtime story to the kids. As the kids sat at her feet, I knelt down, on bended knee, asked her to marry me, and presented her with an amazing delicious ring pop. She said yes with a perplexed expression on her face. It was priceless. I then went and got the real engagement ring, knelt down and asked for her hand again… this time, to my surprise, Aidan rushed over like a ninja, snatched the ring out of the box, got down on his knee and placed it on his mother’s ring finger. Before I could even utter a single word, Aidan got up and placed each hand behind our heads, joining them together, while exclaiming, “Kiss” and, “Marry, Marry!” And that is why that night will live on forever in my mind as the time a 5-year-old kid stole my thunder.

Design Story: Dzu & Amber

How was your overall experience with Forever Artisans?

It was seamless from start to finish. Missy and our designer were the best, ever. If you are lucky enough to work with them, you can be sure that happiness is just a couple rings away.


Where did the inspiration for this design come from?

I wanted the rings to have symbolic meaning and style. The 3 stones represent Amber and the kids, and the interlacing band symbolizes our two families becoming one.


How did you hear about Forever Artisans?

I was researching online for a more suitable and ethical alternative to mined diamonds and came across the Diamond Nexus website. From there I researched further and found that Forever Artisans could create custom pieces. After a few emails with Missy I was sold and started on the design process.


“The renderings did not do the rings justice. It exceeded my expectations and was beyond my fiancee’s wildest dreams.”

Design Story: Dzu & Amber

Did we meet all of your expectations from design image to finished piece?

The renderings did not do the rings justice. It exceeded my expectations and was beyond my fiancée’s wildest dreams. We couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.


Designer Quote:

"This ring was challenging but really fun. There are a lot of twists and organic shapes combined with small symmetrical details. But the true challenge comes from spacing negative and positive shapes, and building a stable, strong ring from delicate pieces." – Nina

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