At Forever Artisans, we feature real life stories to inspire your custom design. This is the true story of how Grace & Nathan designed their dream engagement ring.



The inspiration for this ring came from Grace's love of Lord of the Rings, and especially Lady Galadriel's ring in the movie.

I wanted something like Galadriel's ring but not exactly. I wanted something that would be hers and had elements that she loves: vines, Celtic knots, the flower from the LOTR ring, etc.


Grace and I met at our college church group. In fact, you can say that it was love at first sight. The second I saw her I knew she was the one I was supposed to be with. Later, by getting to know her, the feeling was cemented by the incredible amount of things we had in common and how famously well we got along. My whole family did say after all, "Wow it's a female Nate!" And the saying it's meant to be was proven. She was better than the kind of woman I asked God for, by far.

Through our time dating she introduced me to a computer game called StarDew Valley. It is a farming game that lets you mine and fish and other jobs like that. She soon told me that you could actually marry other players. Intrigued—and clearly determined on achieving this—I asked her how to make the wedding ring in the game. Very soon after that question, I bought the blue prints and made it my mission whenever we played to get the materials to make that ring... and no monster was going to get in my way!

Flash forward about 3 months and we already had most of the materials. At this time I figured out I wanted to propose in game and in real life in front of her and my family. I also already found Forever Artisans and was contacting Missy on making the ring. I was planning on proposing in May and at this point it was around April which was why having the materials in the game was a problem because I wanted to be able to make the ring and propose in the same day—in the game and real life. Thankfully though, I had a great team from Forever Artisans and they provided a blueprint for the engagement ring already and I was just waiting on the ring to get here. The problems the Nation was facing at the time did not help the shipping time I'm sure, but thankfully it got here well before I had to set up invitations for the party.


I invited many family friends and, of course, her family, which is a large immediate family. So the day of the party came, and only a handful of people knew—none of the kids for sure. It was a great joy seeing family and friends laugh and get to know my soon-to-be second family. We played games and the kids and a few others—including Grace and I—actually ended up playing a game too long to the point where people had to go and we couldn't end it to save our lives.

Thankfully, the people who knew the real reason behind this party assured their loved ones and spouses that they should stay and watch what happens next. I got one of Grace's siblings, the resident I.T. guy as everyone likes to call him, to bait  (turned out to be more like annoying) Grace into making us go onto our StarDew Valley world. At that point, everyone who knew started recording with their phones secretly. I gathered the ring materials and crafted the ring, while the I.T. guy stalled Grace. I ran up to Grace's character and offered the ring in the game. At that moment everyone stopped hiding their phones, and you could feel the confusion in Grace's eyes as she saw the message of my character proposing. I stood up and while I was asking her the big question, I pulled the pouch out of my pocket then took the pillow that was tied to the ring out of that. She smiled so big, laughed, and said "Yes!" My heart was pumping so quickly and my adrenaline was so quick I didn't even hear the clapping and whistling from my family and friends. We kissed and she told me the ring was beautiful.


You absolutely met all my expectations from start to finish.

I seriously recommend Forever Artisans. Missy was an absolute blessing to work with, and the team who made and designed the ring did a professional and marvelous job. Plus, the ring came with its own cleaning kit which was a very great surprise. My woman loves it and is proud to wear it every day. It's a true symbol of her.


I will always go with Forever Artisans. I will seriously recommend them to friends because the ring I had them make was gorgeous. It is sturdy and well made, and accurate as can be from the blueprint to the real world. I had an experience I will treasure for the rest of my life, it was truly magnificent.

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