At Forever Artisans, we feature real life stories to inspire your custom design. This is the true story of how John and Taylor designed their dream engagement ring.



We met at Somers Fire and Rescue. We were both firefighter/EMTs and took our Firefighter 1 class together. It wasn't until after class that we actually started to hit it off, but things just sort of clicked with us and we never looked back!



It was December 26th, and he was just getting home from his 24-hour shift at the firehouse. I was trying to make a recipe out of the Magnolia Journal for our Christmas breakfast. When he came home I was getting out all the ingredients. After seeing him for a couple minutes I knew something was up; he was all over the place. One minute he is hovering over my shoulder making sure I'm doing things right with the recipe, and the next moment he is in the living room tiding up and then he jumps to trying to find my camera. After breakfast he insisted on us taking Christmas pictures. So, after a few attempts at taking some pictures with us and our dog and adjusting the shutter speeds accordingly- the next round of pictures he had me put our dog in her kennel. I came back and set the camera so it would take another 10 pictures in a row and ran over to his side- still not thinking anything- and then out of the corner of my eye he just drops to the floor. At this point I thought he fell and I was getting ready to laugh, and then he said, "Will you marry me?" and I was beside myself. I had absolutely no idea this was going to happen and my response to him was, "Is this really happening?!" And through teary eyes I let him slide the ring on my finger as I nodded.


Well, there are a couple of reasons I wanted something that had a Celtic design. For one, we are both Irish. For two, I didn't want anything cookie-cutter. It seems like everyone who has gotten engaged recently has the same cookie cutter rings and I wanted something that represented us more.



I can’t speak for the beginning of the process- but the ring he got for me was WAY beyond my expectations! I cried when I saw how beautiful the ring was (I mean, I was crying anyway but that just made everything that much more special). From the Celtic knot-work down the sides of the band to the Claddagh in the front, it was just flawless! I have gotten so many compliments that the ring looks like it’s a vintage ring with how beautiful the detail is and how carefully things were put together. Now it just needs a band to match!


The overall experience was amazing! The ring far exceeds any expectations that I had. I honestly had no idea what to expect from him, and to be totally honest, I didn't really know what exactly I wanted, I just gave him a couple things and he came up with the beautiful piece with your amazing work.

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