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This is the true story of how Jordan and Erin designed their dream engagement ring.



We were high school sweethearts that got together 8 years later—after me finally opening my eyes and realizing he was right all this time saying we should be together. We've been together now about a year.



The inspiration for the ring was an antique ring I'd seen on an online estate sale and fell in love with.


He got us Chinese food which was always our favorite to get even in high school. He took a little longer than usual (I didn't really think anything of it since he'd said he had to go do something for work while he was out) he was actually asking my grandmother's permission officially even though she's been saying for the past 9 years also that we should be together. He got home and we ate our food and it wasn't until later I realized I kept telling him to stop staring at me while I eat. Captain oblivious over here...he read his fortune and then told me to read mine but proceeded to go downstairs. I said, "you're not even going to listen?" I read it and it took a moment to register and I said "Jordan?!"—no answer—I said "Jordan Charles!" as I'm giggling not sure if what I think is happening is really happening—no answer—so I go downstairs and there are tea light candles and he's down on one knee. Couldn't believe I didn't even see it coming.


You went above and beyond with every change or minor detail I wanted changed or fixed and were all so nice and wonderful through it all!!! Couldn't have dreamed of a better team to create the perfect ring!!!

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