At Forever Artisans, we feature real life stories to inspire your custom design. This is the true story of how Jordan and Rebecca designed their dream engagement rings.



We met in freshman year Physics, and quickly became friends. We’d been having lunch together after class regularly for two months before someone else greeted me and she learned my name, which she’d forgotten but was too embarrassed to ask.



Our first priority was that we didn’t want large center stones, since we both have active lifestyles and wanted our rings to lie flat. We also wanted rings which were complimentary but unique to each of us. The inspiration for the rings came from our mutual love of nature and hiking. She loves forests and mountains, and is a steady, slow-moving person, so we asked for her ring to look like crawling vines and leaves, which Mary, our designer, executed perfectly. I love water, and have a tendency to sprint towards whatever shiny thing strikes my interest at the moment, so we wanted my ring to look like waves crashing on the shore, which our designer also captured beautifully.


I proposed to her in space—well, in the Grainger Sky Dome Theatre in the Adler Planetarium, under a custom starry sky with rainbow floor lights and our song playing over the speakers. I work there and called in pretty much every favor to make the whole thing happen, and used the pretext of a surprise dinner date after work to get her to show up. We then went out to eat at Smyth, since she’s a big foodie and many of our first dates were at tasting menus prepared by our friend. I wanted to surprise her and succeeded—she thought I wasn’t going to propose until we got to the restaurant.



Our expectations were exceeded and our rings ended up being under-budget, which meant I could really splurge on the proposal dinner. We’ve gotten tons of compliments, and I would definitely recommend Forever Artisans to anyone looking for a non-traditional or unique design.

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