Design Story: Maria's Airy Earrings
Design Story: Maria's Airy Earrings

Why did you choose to design a custom piece?

I had something specific in mind for a pair of earrings with a lot of movement. I couldn’t find what I was looking for anywhere and then I found Forever Artisans. I knew they could help me create the earrings I really wanted.


Where did the inspiration for this design come from?

I liked the Cleopatra earrings from Diamond Nexus, but they weren’t quite right. I used the elements that I liked from those earrings to explain to the designer what I really wanted. I wanted something that had a lot of movement, and I was imagining something almost like a staircase.


Design Story: Maria's Airy Earrings

Did we meet all of your expectations from design image to finished piece?

Yes! Aaron was able to take my comments about what I wanted and help me create a pair of earrings that look amazing and that I can wear all the time. They are stunning!


Designer Quote:

I wanted to keep the design simple yet fresh. Using a minimalist approach with shared prong settings throughout the entire design, I was able to keep the amount of metal to a minimum so they would feel light and airy. That minimalist approach allows the stones to pop and creates an architectural, angular form that is quite clean and modern.

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