"I never thought designing a custom piece of jewelry could be this easy." -Melanie & Chad

How did you two meet?

We were set up by mutual friends. Chad’s best friend, Ryan, has been dating my best friend, Cassie, for seven years. We make the perfect double date team! We have been together for three and a half years.

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Tell us your proposal story!

It was the most imperfect, perfect mess! We were in New York for the weekend. One morning, we went to a little French bistro for breakfast, and after too many carbs I wanted to nap. I begged him for a nap! But he wanted to go walk the Brooklyn Bridge. We argued the whole way there! When we got off the subway, we stopped in a Starbucks for the restroom, where I had to wait 40 minutes to go—meanwhile it started pouring rain outside. But Chad pressed on. When we got to the bridge, the boards were slippery from the rain. Between the boards and the cars and the height, I started to panic. Realizing I was terrified, Chad pulled me to the side and apologized, and he said, “You know how much I love you, right?” And since I was still pretty mad about coming to the bridge in the rain, I responded with a little attitude: “How do I know?” And that’s when he got down on one knee and said, “This is how.” I cried like a baby! Even after being a terror all day, he still wanted to marry me—go figure!

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How was your overall experience with Forever Artisans?

Our designer, Katelin, was very patient with us the entire time. She handled all our concerns with grace and when we weren’t sure how to explain what we wanted, she read our minds and then some!


Where did the inspiration for this design come from?

We knew we wanted something unique. A Marquise cut diamond was at the top of our list. Simple but special with a little hidden detail.


Did we meet all of your expectations from design image to finished piece?

My expectations were exceeded! I never thought designing a custom piece of jewelry could be this easy, and I certainly never thought that designing something without ever having met a jeweler in person could be so beautiful. I’m so happy we chose Forever Artisans!

Designer Quote

“Marquise cut diamonds are often overlooked and underrated, but this simple, classic and elegant design will stand the test of time.”

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