At Forever Artisans, we bring custom designs to life. This is the true story of how Sam and Delisa designed their dream engagement ring.

Where did your story begin?

Delisa and I met officially on our first date. We narrowly missed meeting for years prior to us finally having the right timing.


Tell us your proposal story!

After asking her father for permission, we took a vacation to the beach with my family.

During a sunset photoshoot by my mother, I hoisted her up for a fun picture and faked like my back went out and dropped to my knees.

She squealed and said, “YES!”

What inspired the design?

While we were dating, I wrote her a poem in which I compared her to a pearl for all the things life had thrown at her, yet, she still came out of those dark places more beautiful than a pearl.

She was my pearl and as strong as the ocean that the blue diamonds reminded me of.


“While I had a set design in my mind, their designers were great with helping that come to life and making it work flawlessly together with reality.”

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