Settings, accents, metalwork- it’s all in the details. Create a side view you adore to bring added depth to the finishing touches of your ring. Discover the endless possibilities.

What is Side View?

Side view is exactly what it sounds like- the profile view of your ring. Although it sounds rather insignificant compared to deciding on stone or metal type, you’ll be admiring your ring from this angle more often than not, so it’s important to love the design elements placed there.

Design Tips

The setting you decide on will have a major impact on your ring’s side view, but so will the accents and metalwork you choose. Here are some tips to enhance your profile view.

Add Shine

Adding accents to your band will enhance the brilliance of your ring from all angles. Smaller stones tend to exude delicacy and spread sparkle throughout, while larger accents gradually enhance brilliance towards the center stone.

Don’t Go Too Simple

A trellis setting is perfect for adding profile depth, without overpowering your design with sparkle. The sweeping metal adds refined details to keep your ring sleek, but not too simple.

Decide on Height

Your setting will also affect how high your center stone sits. The lower it is, the less prone to snagging it will be. Halos and most bezel settings tend to sit lower, while a peg head will sit relatively higher.

Incorporate Personal Details

The profile is the perfect place to incorporate personal details. You can add a touch of floral metalwork, meaningful stones or something completely unique, without it taking over the whole design.

Still curious about side view?