When our jewelry designers are done helping you create your dream piece of jewelry, they dream up their own. From the design desk of: Katelin S.

Forever Artisans Custom Jewelry

The Inspiration

“I am a really big fan of the mandala coloring books that have recently become so popular, and I thought it would be nice to have the same kind of calming repetition in a piece of jewelry to wear around with me.”

Forever Artisans Custom Jewelry

The Stones

This pendant has 4.80 carats of Nexus Diamond Alternatives and Nexus Color Stones, featuring a 1.28 carat Round Brilliant cut stone in the center surrounded by eight Trillion cut Nexus Diamonds and eight Pear cut sapphires.

Forever Artisans Custom Jewelry

Wear it

“Everywhere! The black cord makes it a more casual piece for every day. Or, because I often wear a scarf, it would be easy to secure them using this piece as a brooch.”

Price as designed: $2,878

4.80 total carat weight


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