When our jewelry designers are done helping you create your dream piece of jewelry, they dream up their own. From the design desk of: Nina M.

Designer Dreams

The inspiration

“I really like the idea of flipping a stone upside down to reveal a part of it that is not usually showcased in traditional jewelry. The diamond motif that is carried throughout the ring comes from the facet shapes on the exposed pavilion of the stone. I also wanted to experiment with mixing the masculine shape of a large signet ring with a more delicate open structure.”

Designer Dreams

The stones

This ring has 14.22 carats of Nexus Diamond Alternatives. The Radiant cut stone is set upside down, exposing the beautiful facets cut into the underside.

Designer Dreams

Wear it

“This is definitely a statement piece, so I would wear it to an event or a special occasion where I’d want to be noticed.”

Price as designed: $6,821

14.22 total carat weight