Will you marry me?

‘Tis the season…of engagements! According to WeddingWire, seven of the 10 most popular dates to get engaged are surrounding Christmas and New Year’s Day (and two more are at Valentine’s Day). And it makes sense. Getting engaged during the most wonderful time of year is romantic and magical. Here are four tips from our jewelry design experts to help you make it perfect.

Plan ahead


Now is the time to make your holiday proposal plans, especially if you’re creating a custom ring. The design process can take eight weeks, so it’s time to start designing. Whether you have a general idea or an exact design in your mind, we can bring it to life for you.

sleuth her style and size


Not sure where to start with a custom design? Think about any jewelry she wears often. Is it bold and glamorous? Subtle and elegant? Unique and edgy? Her engagement ring should reflect that style. Talk with one of her close friends to get more ideas about style, and for help in finding her ring size.

Do your research


Don’t automatically assume you must choose a mined diamond for her engagement ring. From manmade diamonds to alternatives to color stones, you have the freedom to choose a type of stone that fits your morals and your budget.

Document the moment


Your engagement will be a once-in-a-lifetime moment. Heightened emotions and nervousness can blur your memories, so our biggest tip for popping the question is to document it. Employ a photographer or a friend with a good eye to take photos for you as it happens and after. You’ll treasure the photos for years to come.

And of course, be sure to share your proposal stories and custom ring designs with us by tagging us on social media!