It’s that time of year when engagement rings appear! Get it in the holiday spirit with these top golden rings. Yellow gold rings are timeless and absolutely captivating. If you’re thinking about designing your very own, use these five golden rings to inspire your style.

Solitaire Princess

Sometimes the most stunning things are simple in style, and that couldn’t be truer than with this solitaire engagement ring. A classic Princess stone is the focal point, held by four rounded prongs. The band is unadorned, creating a sleek look. But the real appeal of this ring is the warmth it holds. It radiates allure and modern taste. You can never go wrong with the simple elegance of yellow gold.

Round Accented Halo

This ring emits the perfect balance of vintage details and modern style, making it completely unique. All of the small details- from the varying carat weights to the flat prongs- add to the overall look. The straight lines and boxy feel resemble Art Deco architecture, enhancing its distinct vibe. If you’re looking for an array of sparkle, take inspiration from this stunner.

Three Stone Pear

Colored stones with yellow gold? Why not. Two gemstones flank a colorless Pear stone and create an unusual, but brilliant style. It’s festively daring so it can be worn as an engagement ring or a right hand ring, whichever you choose. The nine yellow gold prongs around the center stone stand out, adding yet another depth of hue. Don’t be afraid to let your true colors shine.

Six-Prong Accented Marquise

Let the stone do the dazzling with an elongated shape like Marquise. Not only does it slenderize the finger, but it actually looks biggest than a classic shape like Round Brilliant. That means more sparkle, for less. Six prongs hold the center stone lending a touch of warmth, while delicate metalwork outlines the accented band giving the appearance of milgraine. A truly understated look.

Elongated Radiant

If you prefer to stand out from the mundane, then keep this unique ring in mind. Its design is long and brimming with accents. A Radiant stone is featured at center while two Trillion stones rest on either side, leaving the final carat weight something to admire. The band is simple and unadorned, leaving the eyes to focus on the abundance of sparkle. Whether worn as a cocktail ring or an engagement ring, this style of ring is sure to wow the crowd.

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