Emerald cut stones are among the most versatile, with their clean lines and open step cut facets. The cut works beautifully in nearly any ring design, but it is still a more unique choice than a Round or Princess cut stone. Here are four different designs that show off the gorgeous Emerald cut stone.

  Custom Emerald Cut Rings: Accented Solitaire  

Three Stone

The three stone design traditionally represents past, present and future. The look of this ring perfectly illustrates that, with vintage elegance and modern clean lines.

Make it your own: Turn the Baguette cut stones vertical, or choose another stone shape for the side stones.

  Custom Emerald Cut Rings: Three Stone  

Accented Solitaire

This is a super classic style that will always be in style. The Emerald cut stone is put on display with the subtlest hint of sparkle on the band.

Make it your own: Consider claw prongs or a split shank design.

  Custom Emerald Cut Rings: Double Halo  

Double Halo

This design is majorly glamorous, with a center Emerald cut stone surrounded by a double halo and an accented triple band. It’s big, bold and eye-catching.

Make it your own: A single halo keeps the glam factor but makes the design daintier.

  Custom Emerald Cut Rings: HEY  

Three Stone Halo

This design has it all. It combines a three stone design with the popular halo. The Emerald cut center stones are bezel set, which makes the ring feel solid and substantial.

Make it your own: Streamline the design with prong settings.



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