The signs of spring are blossoming all around us, and here at Forever Artisans, we’re daydreaming about the vibrant colors that come with the season. Can you imagine what those glorious hues would look like in an engagement ring? We can!



Canary colored stones resemble spring's most captivating features, like the stunning view of a field of yellow flowers or the brilliance that radiates from the sun. However you imagine it, the color of canary can bring great warmth to your ring.

The golden hue brings a vivacious glamour that is easily paired with other stones and looks best when set in a white or yellow gold band.


Like the breathtaking view of a freshly unthawed body of water, or a clear spring night sky just before dusk, sapphires embody the wonders of the world. They are said to bring a sense of calmness and echo astrological fortunes.

Sapphires can be used as a magnificent center stone, side stone or accents to bring color and depth to your design. They can even be incorporated on your wedding day as a unique "something blue."


Rose colored stones resemble the delicacies of the season. Like a cherry blossom tree in full-bloom, or the mesmerizing view of a perfectly pink sunset. This color is a sweet addition to any type of ring.

Pair them with colorless side stones for contrast, or accents to add sparkle. Either way, rose colored stones are a brilliantly feminine addition.


The color of emerald will refresh your ring, far past the season of blossoming flowers. Picture the fresh greenery of a spring afternoon, intricately crafted into your everyday adornment. The deep green hue of an emerald is associated with growth and longevity, and can be a unique heirloom handed down for generations.

Emeralds are great for those who are enchanted by vibrant color. Accents or side stones will instantly stand out and your engagement ring will dazzle in the spotlight.



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