When designing a ring, it can be easy to focus only on the sparkler in the center and forget about the band—or, more technically, the shank. But that’s a mistake! The shank is the part of the ring that will be in direct contact with your hand, and it can also change a lot about the overall look of the finished design. Here’s what you need to know. Fit and comfort

Fit & Comfort

You have two choices for the fit of your shank: Standard Fit or Comfort Fit. Don’t let the names influence you—the Standard Fit is comfortable, too. The difference is that the Comfort Fit style is more rounded, while Standard Fit is flatter with more defined corners.

shank base

You can also choose the shank base design. Typically, a ring is rounded on the bottom so the band looks like a perfect circle when viewed from the side. However, you can also choose a Euro-Style shank, which is flat on the bottom where the ring sits against the palm side of your hand. This style of shank is good for large, heavy, ornate rings because it helps keep them from slipping to the side.

Shank Design

The way the band looks is important to the design of the ring. Think of this as an element of the design as much as the stone shape or setting style.


The band appears to wrap around the top and bottom of the center stone. This is a dynamic design that suggests flowing movement.



The shank gets wider toward the center stone. It is a bold design choice that works well with larger stone shapes that can balance out a lot of metal in the band.



A very popular choice. The band splits and cradles the center stone. It is an elegant and airy design.


Knife Edge

Rather than being flat or gently rounded, the band has a defined edge that runs along the top. It tricks the eye into thinking the band is slimmer.



Another popular design. The shank tapers toward the center stone. This design draws the eye into the center stone and can make it appear larger.



A very simple, straightforward design without embellishment. The look is classic and it allows the center stone to be the main focal point.


Check out the full design guide for more information on all aspects of designing a ring. Tell us about your design ideas in the comments, or get in touch with a designer.