When we say your custom design is limited only by your imagination, we really mean it. This week we’re highlighting a gorgeous custom ring that we love for its unique flair and interesting shapes—and showing how our artisans craft a ring like this by hand.

The Inspiration: This ring design was inspired by the Bleubird blog.

After a ring is cast in 14k gold, the artisan works to file away rough edges. This process smooths the ring and prepares it for the stones to be set.

Side and accent stones are set first. They are carefully placed and the prongs are hammered down to keep them in place. The main stones are set last.

The completed ring gets a final buff and polish. After it is inspected for quality, it is ready to be sent to its new home.

Wear It: This ring was designed as an engagement ring. It is a gorgeous reflection of personal style! We could also see it as a statement ring when worn on the right hand.