The cost of a custom designed engagement might not be as much as you think. There are three main factors that go into the cost of a custom piece: Metal, the stones, and the design time.


The type of metal you choose has a big impact on the final price of your ring; the amount of metal also affects the cost. A big, solid ring that is made of platinum will cost much more than a daintier ring in 14k gold, simply because the value of the two metals is so different.

Metal Type

You can affect the cost of your piece by controlling the metal. Choose a less costly type, or work with your designer to reduce the amount of metal overall. If you’re allergic to the metals added to 14k or 18k gold, your designer can offer solutions like using platinum on the inside of the band to achieve the right balance between style, comfort and cost.

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At Forever Artisans, we offer two types of stones: Nexus Stones and lab grown diamonds. The Nexus Diamond™ Alternative is a simulant stone that looks, acts and wears like a diamond but is chemically different. Lab grown diamonds are pure carbon, making them chemically the same as mined diamonds.


You can control your cost by mixing lab diamonds with Nexus Diamond Alternatives. They look so similar, no one will be able to tell they aren’t the same stone—even you!

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Working with our designers means you get to refine your design to be perfect. When you get started with Forever Artisans, we’ll give you a general idea of the cost for design time that we think will be required based on the complexity of your piece. If you make a lot of revisions to your design, that could add more cost to the finished piece (but we’ll always be clear with you about that!)


Besides the design time, the amount for our artisans to mold, cast, set and finish your ring is built into the final cost.


It’s easy to be in control of the cost of your finished ring. We’ll show you some examples of how simple changes can alter the price of a custom piece—but have very little effect on the overall look.


*Sample pricing is for educational purposes only. Actual prices vary by design.

There are many moving parts when creating a custom designed engagement ring. We always strive to be very clear about costs, and can always help guide you toward design decisions that will help you stay within your budget.

Want to know more? Go behind the process of creating an actual custom designed ring in our workshop.