How to Replicate a Ring Design

Replicate a Design

This ring stayed true to the inspiration, with some design decisions for elements not seen in the photo. Replication is an easy way to design, but typically requires some decisions to make it your own.


Overall Direction

· Recreate the look of an Oval accented ring found on Pinterest
· Create a rose gold ring
· Make it as dainty as possible

Specific Inspo images

Starting Point: Setting

Because the inspiration photo was only from the top view, the first decision was what size and how high to set the center stone. Larger carat weights require a more secure setting, which can mean a lower profile and more metal. Going with a lower profile and larger center stone meant the rest of the design choices were narrowed down to a few possibilities.

Specific Inspo images x2 gif

Compromising for Daintiness

Peter wanted the thinnest band possible, without compromising center stone security. To do this, we created a sturdy basket setting as one cast piece. Deciding to make the prongs rose gold like the band also helped solidify the final design.

3/4 view line drawing (with issues, sharp prongs)

Ready to Wear

The finished ring was very true to the original photo from the top view. Incorporating some design decisions into the piece makes it extra personal.

Approximate Design Time: 4 – 5 weeks
Approximate Cost: $1,613

Based on 14k gold and Nexus Diamond™ Alternative stones

Finished piece images x3

She Said Yes and loves the ring!

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