Want to know a secret from our design desk? When it comes to designing an engagement ring, inspiration rarely strikes out of nowhere. By far, most of our customers bring photos or drawings of rings with elements they like, and they want to combine them into perfection.

Here’s exactly how that works, from inspiration to completed ring.


Inspiration: The Fiji ring from Diamond Nexus

Love: Cushion cut stone and rope-like band.


Inspiration: Naples ring from Diamond Nexus

Love: Halo design and rose gold.


Inspiration: East-West Marquise ring from Diamond Nexus

Love: The claw prongs.

Working with a designer helps put the vision together in a way that matches your vision and ensures the finished piece is structurally sound.


The Custom Design: Cushion cut Nexus Diamond surrounded by a twisted metal halo and rope-like band in rose gold, with white gold claw prongs.

Of course, inspiration can come from anywhere—a magazine, a photo, a friend’s ring. Whatever inspires you, we can help you bring it to life.

Get Started.