Your engagement ring will be living on your finger for the rest of your life. So it should fit not only your personal style, but also the lifestyle you lead so you’ll always love how it looks and feels.

Infographic: Find Your Ideal Ring Style

Eye Catching & Ornate

Recommended styles: Halos, accented bands, intricate metalwork

Your lifestyle and fashion preferences call for glitz and glamour. Rings with halos or hundreds of accent stones offer intense sparkle that you’ll love. You can choose an ornate or high-profile setting because you generally treat your hands (and your ring) more gently, or you plan to remove it when you do work with your hands.

Classic with a Twist

Recommended styles: East-West solitaire, Trellis setting

You’re clean cut, elegant and maybe a touch preppy. You love timeless pieces with an unexpected twist that makes them feel modern. The subtly unique Trellis setting will be right in line with your taste. For a bit more of a statement, you’ll love the East-West style. You’re pretty gentle on your hands but still plan to wear your engagement ring nonstop, so a solitaire is a great choice for you.

The Classic

Recommended styles: Solitaire or lightly accented design

You love all things simple and clean, so a classic solitaire is the perfect fit. You’re on-the-go and you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty when needed. These never-out-of-style rings have just the right amount of sparkle, and they’re sturdy enough that you can wear it all the time—and you know you’re never going to take yours off.

Vintage yet Modern

Recommended styles: Nature-inspired metalwork, structural halos

Your style is all about the details. You love a good vintage fashion choice and you may even have a favorite style era. You know you’ll be wearing your ring every day and in almost every situation—unless you think it might get damaged. For that reason, you can go for detailed metalwork and inset stones, because you’ll be mindful of protecting your ring as needed.

Sturdy and Substantial

Recommended styles: Bezel and low-profile settings

Once your ring is on your finger, it’ll never come off. Whether you’re working out, painting, playing with kids or working hard, your ring will be there. It’s important to choose one that’s sturdier and has less of a chance of catching or snagging on your surroundings. Opt for bezel settings or flush-set stones, and keep your style simple.

No matter what style of ring you’re imagining, they key to keeping it sparkling for a lifetime is proper care. Be sure to regularly clean your ring, protect it from chemicals and lotions, and send it in for inspections and prong tightening periodically.

Tell us, what ring style fits your personality?