One of the most common questions we get from people considering a custom design is: “What is a CAD?” It’s important to understand CADs, as they are an important part of the custom creation process.


CAD stands for “Computer Aided Design.” That’s a fancy way of saying that our designers use a computer program to create the initial blueprints for your custom piece. The program allows them to evaluate the aesthetic, the structural integrity, and the durability of the finished piece.


When you go through the custom design process, you will get to see and approve your CAD file. In fact, it’s the first time you’ll get to glimpse what the finished piece will look like!


After it is approved, your CAD becomes a rendering. This is a photo-like image of the ring, which will give you the closest possible approximation of what your piece will look like. The designers create the renderings by using the CAD files. The CADs are also used to create the molds to cast your item.


In fact, CADs might be the most important piece of the design process; it’s where it all starts and provides the basis for your physical ring.


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