There’s an undeniable glamour surrounding the fashion and architecture of the 1920s. Art Deco style influenced everything from buildings to jewelry, and the vintage elegance is still popular today.


Geometric Shapes

Bold shapes and clean lines are distinctly Art Deco; that’s partially why the Emerald cut feels so vintage and glamorous. Sharp points and angles are used to draw the eye in 1920s pieces—use this to your advantage for flattering silhouettes in clothing and in jewelry.

Floral Inspiration

Flowery, ornate pieces are used to decorate Art Deco-inspired pieces. They add a feminine lushness to designs. Flowery accents can be very subtle or more bold, and tend to play a supporting role for bold shapes and strong angles.

Seamless Patterns

Repetition is found throughout Art Deco style, which is partly what makes it so pleasing. Symmetry and repeating patterns give a sense of structure to designs, from the simplest to the most ornate.

How would you create an Art Deco-inspired piece of jewelry?