Here at Forever Artisans, we believe that jewelry should be given (and worn) for any and every occasion. That’s why, when we set out to create a Designer Boutique, we created sets of pieces that can be worn alone or in many combinations. Not only does it make each piece versatile, but it also makes gifting easy. Give the first piece for the holidays, another at Valentine’s Day, for birthdays and anniversaries. It’s gifting, made easy.
These are some of our favorite buildable jewelry gifts.


Christmas: Oreanda Baguette Statement Ring

Birthday: Oreanda Split Band

Anniversary: Oreanda Split Band

This set can be worn in at least four ways. Wear them all together, wear one ring individually, wear the two bands together or stack them with other bands.


Christmas: Sobralia Three Stone Band

Birthday: Sobralia Asymmetrical Trillion Band

Anniversary: Sobralia Asymmetrical Trillion Band

The beauty of this set is that it can be dressed up or down. Worn together as a full stack, it is formal and is worn like a statement ring. Worn alone, however, each of these bands is simple and dainty enough that it feels more casual and laid back. You can even wear the two Asymmetrical Trillion Bands together.


Christmas: Monaco East-West Oval Ring

Birthday: Monaco Oval Halo Studs

Anniversary: Monte Carlo Halo Pendant

Just Because: Monte Carlo Halo Earrings

The Riviera Collection was purposefully designed to mix-and-match any piece within the collection. The halo themes tie everything together, and Cushion and Oval cut stones have similar qualities that go well together.


Christmas: Zinnia Pendant

Birthday: Zinnia Drop Earrings

Anniversary: Zinnia Statement Ring

Just Because: Zinnia Bezeled Band

With the Trillion center stones and conceptual halo design, the Zinnia line was created to be a matched set. Gift one piece per occasion to build up a stunning wardrobe of bold statement-making pieces that have a custom-designed vibe.

What gift are you giving—or putting on your list—this holiday season?