The spray of the waves, the warmth of the sun and of course the preppy and posh style—we’re loving nautical influences on custom pieces. From the subtlest touches to bold marine-inspired pieces, we love the seafaring feel of these pieces.



Flowing lines that recall moving water create stunning jewelry pieces. Adding some sparkle draws influence from the sun shining on the sea. Use waves to influence a design by building them into the band, or using a bypass setting.


Rope detailing is full of meaning even beyond its nautical influence. For engagement rings, it can represent the binding of two lives into one. And the look has a fresh feel without losing its timeless quality.

Ornate Circles

We’re inspired by ship wheels and compass roses. The symmetry is gorgeous, and the elements of detailing translate beautifully onto jewelry. We love the meaning behind them too: Always directing your heart home.


The inspiration from driftwood adds a masculine quality to a piece of jewelry. The rich texture contrasts with the intensity of a sparkling stone. The earthy quality is striking. We love the concept of matching his-and-hers rings using driftwood inspiration.

Marquise Cut Stones

The Marquise cut fits perfectly with a nautical theme; its shape is similar to a ship viewed from above. Combining a Marquise center stone with other nautical design elements creates a balanced and whimsical piece.

What is your favorite nautical influence?