For inspiration, look to the stars. The brilliance of stars, the stories of constellations and mystery of astral bodies provide ample inspiration for gorgeously meaningful engagement rings.



Like constellations tell a story, so too should your ring. Accented baguettes have an intriguing allure that is inspired by the lines connecting the stars in our imaginations. Tell your story.

The Stars

Think of stars and you think of how they twinkle. Pave accent stones recall the look of the night sky in the utter darkness - completely blanketed in sparkling, winking starlight. Simply stunning.


The twisting spirals of these baby stars are gorgeously rendered in fine jewelry. Clusters and intertwined metalwork imitates their infinite beauty. The intertwining style has further meaning: That of two lives becoming one.

The Sun

A unique halo is inspired by the brightness of the sun. Use a variety of stone shapes and open space to recall the sun’s rays. Rounded center stones and pointed metalwork with accents looks beautifully bright and bold.

How does the night sky inspire you?