Deciding on the right metal type for your engagement ring but not sure which one to choose? Start by looking at rings designed in trendy rose gold. From its durable properties to its gorgeous color, rose gold is an excellent choice for such a prized adornment.


Rose gold is a unique metal type that is created by mixing both gold and copper together, which results in a beautiful blush color. This specific mixture actually causes rose gold to be more durable than yellow or white gold because of its heavy mixture of copper. This may also make it slightly more affordable since copper is cheaper than gold. While all of these factors add to its appeal, it is also loved just because of the way it looks. Rose gold engagement rings radiate a warm tone that is often used in vintage designs that have a modern twist. It gives any adornment an extra pop of detail to be truly awe-inspiring.


Design a dainty shank in rose gold to keep it simple, but striking. The Radiant cut center stone gives the design all the dazzle it needs, while the warmth of the shank adds just a touch of additional glam to complement the minimal look.


You don’t have to choose a colorless stone for your rose gold engagement ring. Other blush colors like light pink complement the femininity of a rose gold design even further, while neutral colors tone the warmth down. This unique custom ring incorporates both of the pigments to create a one-of-a-kind look. The pink center stone catches the eye, while the chocolate accent stones are a surprise detail.


While any engagement ring looks captivating in rose gold, it’s especially so when coupled with unique details. This ring is designed with a twisted shank that features accent stones on half of the metal, making it appear as if the sparkle is weaving around the blush color. Its sparkle is brilliant but also simple enough for everyday wear.


If you think cool and warm tones don’t pair well together, this ring will prove you wrong. A lab grown sapphire sits at the center, while a cluster of smaller, colorless stones sit on either side. The colorless stones are an important part of combining the two opposite pigments as they allow them to slowly blend together. The rose gold shank adds a touch of extra color and finishes off this intriguing custom design.


Halo rings resemble the Art Deco style of the 1920s, and so do rose gold rings. Pair them both together to achieve a decadent vintage style that still looks modern enough to dazzle in every day. This ring features a classic Round Brilliant stone at center stage and saves the finer details for the halo and shank. Milgraine metalwork and additional accent stones are the perfect final touch. It’s a refined, but also dazzling rose gold design.

Now that you know the best ways to design a custom ring in rose gold, your one-of-a-kind look will turn out absolutely captivating. If you’re not sure that rose gold is the best metal type for you, learn more about the other types of metal you can design with.


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