Inspiration Board: Rustic Wedding

Dreaming of the perfect rustic wedding? Now is the perfect time to gather inspiration from the world around you. From swirling branches to a pop of color, here are some of our favorite rings to match your rustic chic wedding day theme.

Floral Metalwork

Like the stems of budding flowers or branches twirled in unison, there’s nothing quite like the floral details of a rustic wedding. It’s simple yet chic and shows your outdoorsy personality. Your look can be flawlessly achieved with the help of an engagement ring or wedding band to match your big day.

Consider matching a floral crown or table centerpiece to the metalwork of your wedding ring to embrace the vibe, or wear your floral engagement ring as a right hand ring to really show it off. There really is an endless list of possibilities with floral details.

Chic Color Schemes

Whether you choose cool hues like sapphire or warm hues like canary, a touch of color here and there can help you achieve natural colors you might see in the wild.

Think about how sapphires can convey the image of a clear blue sky, the wings of a blue bird or perhaps wild blue flowers. While canary embodies the warmth of the sun or the dull glow from string lights hanging above. Both colors create contrast and a sense of vibrancy to your theme. Plus, colorful rings double perfectly as a cocktail ring or a one-of-a-kind something blue.

Leafy Decor

You can’t have a rustic wedding without leafy green details scattered around. Wild vines can be used to wrap around a centerpiece or focal decor piece, while also matching the metalwork of your engagement or wedding ring.

Leaves embody natural growth, which is exactly what your big day represents. It’s a day to celebrate a new chapter of your life, perhaps making leafy details the perfect touch of decor. Add a dainty ring to your stack to grow your collection, while symbolizing the most special day of your life. You can add as many leafy details to your wedding as your imagination can grow.

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