If you enjoy dazzling accessories, then you’re sure to love these bold custom rings. Glam-slam fashion can be crafted with anything from halos to multi-band designs and everything in between. Take a look at these seven wow-worthy rings to gain inspiration for your very own custom design.

Vintage Halo Engagement Ring

If you love bold designs but also adore vintage style, then this engagement ring might catch your fancy. It showcases a Nexus Diamond™ alternative surrounded by an antique halo of accent stones and metalwork. The band is designed with extra sparkle and a touch of milgrain detail to complete this unique, yet bold look.

Mixed Shape Wedding Band

If you have a simple engagement ring but are looking to add dazzle to your wedding set, consider a glam wedding ring. This design is accented with large Emerald and Cushion stones, which are studded with smaller Round Brilliant stones for a striking style.

Triple Band Cushion Engagement Ring

When in doubt, add a band—or two or three. This triple band engagement ring features an abundance of bling while incorporating unique twisting elements for extra wow-factor. Who wouldn’t love this amount of dazzle?

Criss-Cross Princess Halo Wedding Set

Matching your engagement ring and wedding ring can ensure that the glam doesn’t end with just one ring. This engagement ring features a boxy halo design and double criss-cross band for a bold style. But the sparkle doesn’t end there. A matching contoured wedding band ensures the unique features of the wedding set compliment each other in all the right places.

Three Stone Oval Engagement Ring

If you prefer a simple band but want all eyes to be on the center stone, why not opt for a bold three stone design? Choosing elongated side stones can stretch the sparkle, giving you more bang for your buck. Elegant, but oh-so striking.

Swirling Halo Engagement Ring

Don’t be afraid to get unique when designing a bold custom style. Consider adding swirling metalwork like this ring to add even more eye-catching features. That way, you can showcase an abundance of sparkle in a completely new way.

Five Stone Gemstone Engagement Ring

What’s better than three stones? Five stones of course! Graduating side stones lend the sparkle toward the center of the ring, especially when intertwined with colored gemstones. A pop of color can take your ring from “cute” to “utterly mesmerizing” in an instant.

Which glam design inspires you? Tell us in the comments!

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